Stick-On 3M Accessories

Many of our 3M stick-on accessories like visors, spoilers, trims, or bonnet / grill guards install the same way. The video below is a good example of how to go about installation. Keep in mind many of our visors are meant to be installed above the window and not inside of the window!

Cleaning: You can use any type of surface cleaner (rubbing alcohol, window cleaner like Windex, etc. - anything to remove debris or dust) Remember to dry the surface before installing.

Installing: Put a bit of pressure on the visors after installing to ensure a firm seal. Just press down with your thumbs a bit on the bond to ensure it's tightly fitting. The best temperature to install them in would be ~ 50-110° degrees Fahrenheit - it's best to avoid extreme or cold temperatures during installation.

Time before exposure to rain: We suggest waiting an entire day if possible, although with a firm bond the visors should be good to go within a few hours.